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Android, Linux, HTML, CSS, Bash, Python, Java, Git, Hugo, Wordpress, Docker
Some of the toolsets I am quite familiar with


  1. Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

    2023 - now

    Computer science

  2. Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny w Siedlcach

    2021 - 2022

    Computer science engineering

  3. Zespół Szkół Salezjańskich in Sokołów Podlaski

    2019 – 2021

    High school, IT profile


  1. Running online service based on a non-profit model

    2023 - now

  2. Half-year internship in the position of IT specialist in District Office of Sokołów Podlaski


    Maintenance of the internal computer network. Support for Windows Server systems. Servicing and maintenance of computer equipment. Streamlining document flow.

  3. Work at Efekt Druk

    2020-2022, 2023

    Assistance in maintaining network infrastructure. Business card website design. Operating printing machines.


🇵🇱 Polish - Native
🇬🇧 English - Advanced


  • Creation and development of WWW sites.
  • Mobile and desktop application programming.
  • Advanced administration of systems from the GNU/Linux family.
  • Administration of Microsoft Windows systems.
  • Operation of computer network, server software, including containerized environments.
  • Knowledge of LAN/WAN networking, VLAN, VPN, IPv4/IPv6, OSI model.
  • Configuration management and version control using Git
  • Practical use of popular libraries in the developed software according to their license.


Driver’s licence - Cat. B